Can You Really Cut Your Electric Bill By Up To 95% Using DIY Solar Panels?

Finally.. A Simple Way To Generate Solar Power From Your Home, By Using Simple Solar Panels, That You Can Make Yourself! Find Out How You Can Harness The Power Of Our Planet To Power Your Home With Solar Energy.. Find Out Exactly How You Can Go Off The Grid!

I was laughed at when I told my friends that I was going to build my own solar panels to save money on power, but I was the one laughing when I realized how much money I was going to save on electricity, simply by turning to solar electricity!

Before my huge savings on electricity, I had to test over 7 different solar power guides, before I actually found one that worked and made me realize what solar power can really do for your home.

I am at the stage where I now consider myself to be a "DIY solar power" expert, and the main reason I am is due to the two solar power guides that really work!  and made me realize that building your own solar panels is not hard at all.

I spent weeks testing over 7 guides and did all the work for you.. this is exactly what I discovered..

The truth is that you can easily build your own solar panels for your home, to cut your energy bills greatly, the actual amount you can save on power is in the region of 70-95%. Although some guides suggest over 95%..

Even if you have literally no experience when it comes to DIY (Like myself), building solar panels from home can be very easy and fast, infact, it's just like a fun weekend project! It's also great to know you are doing your bit for the environment.

To build your own solar power system from home, your total cost of materials should be less than $200, which is a bargain, when you consider how many thousands of dollars solar power installations can cost if you call up a big company to do it for you! (Luckily the guides below show you how to do it without having to spend thousands of dollars!)

Fortunately there are a few step by step, easy to follow guides that will guide you every step of the way through the whole process of building your own home solar power system, and you do not have to be experienced in DIY, just able to follow step by step, easy to follow instructions.

I can gladly recommend these guides to you, there are no other guides as good as these, proven by my research.

#1 Green DIY Energy

Green DIY Energy is by far the best and most easiest, in-depth guide available today. After extensively researching into a large number of other courses, we found that this one was by far the best. If you want a step-by-step guide that takes you by the hand and shows you exactly how to set up a solar and wind power system, as quickly and easily as possible, then this is your best pick. The owners break everything down into packed guides with full illustrations and photos.

Using this guide, you could have your own fully assembled solar or wind power system in just half a day, it can be a fun weekend project you can do with the kids if you like! The parts needed can be purchased from your local hardware store for as little as under $200! and the cost of this can be recouped very quickly, (imagine the savings over many years to!).

There is a limited time promotion on this guide now and it is heavily discounted, therefore I recommend purchasing it sooner rather than later, as it's hard to know how long this offer will be on for. A 60-day money back guarantee is also offered, to back your satisfaction.

October 2010 Update: Green DIY Energy now lead the market offering a fully illustrated manual and a video series! this is a limited time promotion.

Click Here To Visit The Green DIY Energy Website

#2 Home Made Energy

Home Made Energy is another very good course, it nearly matched Green DIY Energy in every area and was far better than a large number of guides we reviewed. However, we put Home Made Energy in second position as Green DIY Energy was proven to offer more in-depth instructions which meant the whole process was a lot quicker and easier. Home Made Energy are also offering a limited time promotion on their guide.

Click Here To Visit The Home Made Energy Website


Is settings up your own solar panels easy for the average person?

Absolutely, to build your own solar power system for your house can be quite a fun and rewarding project. The overall time it will take is about half a day (on average, this varies) and can be a fun project you do with the kids at the weekend.

How much can I expect to save?

You can save up to 95% on your power bill, or come close to eliminating it completely, this varies. Using solar power for household appliances could save you thousands in the long run. (Just imagine how much it could save over 10 years!), and the extra money comes in handy.

Where to from here?

We highly recommend visiting Green DIY Energy and checking it out for yourself, this is our top pick.










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